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Welcome to our mid-life adventure in fitness of body-mind-spirit. This is not a traditional diet or exercise site, or anything like most fitness websites. After all, our fitness isn’t broken into neat categories in real life, is it? This is a site created by someone who figured out a step at a time what is important, what works and what doesn’t work, and wants to help you develop a fitness lifestyle that make sense for you.

My name is Kat Tansey and I am that someone. You can learn more about me and the rest of our team at the About Us tab..

Our most significant NEW development is that I’ve decided to concentrate on creating an on-line course called Creating Your Personal Fitness Lifestyle Plan. My original plan had been to focus on writing the book, the story of how I got here.

But then earlier this year, I discovered an on-line learning platform, and having been a pioneer in this type of learning back in the 80′s, I immediately knew that this was where I should be putting my energy now. The backstory of how I got here can come later. What is most important is to help midlife women create their own fitness lifestyles — this is what gets me excited.

We begin the Beta Test of our brand new on-line course on December 2nd. The course will be ready to go live sometime in late February, and will be the first course in our On-Line Curriculum. To receive updates about it, enter your name and email in our subscription box on the right.

I’ll be posting to our Blog on a reasonably regular basis. I look forward to your comments on the Blog, and welcome you to ask questions and share your own experiences.

We are thrilled that the archives for our highly esteemed Finding Magic in Midlife Show reside here on Choosing To Be Fit. Now you can easily access all sixty of the interviews we conducted during the four plus years of the show. Just go to the Midlife Magic Radio Show tab to begin browsing through our rich library of wisdom from midlife women experts.

We are also beginning a new interview show, called the  Choosing To Be Fit Show. These interviews will be conducted whenever possible via Skype Video, and our first interview will be posted the beginning of December. This will not be a weekly show like Finding Magic — interviews will be conducted on an ad hoc basis.

I am also slowly sharing my own journey to fitness in Kat’s Story. As the tale unfolds, you will learn about what worked and what didn’t in my pursuit of fitness. The story is being released a Chapter at a time. You can read the Preface and Introduction and any Chapters that have been released by going to the drop-down menu at Kat’s Story tab.

If you have questions or wish to share information privately, please use our Contact Us form. I will respond either by writing a Blog post if the information would be helpful for others, or by email if your question requests a more personal answer.

Appreciatively yours,
Kat Tansey