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It’s not your fault . . .

By , January 16th, 2017 | Mindfulness, Nurturing Relationships, Self-Compassion, Self-Kindness | 0 Comments

mombasa chair best

I was watching a video in which Rick Hansen, neuropsychologist and author of the books Buddha’s Brain and One Good Thing, explained to me that it wasn’t my fault that I seemed to focus much more on negative thoughts than positive ones.

It turns out that the ancient part of our brains has a negativity bias, just like the antelopes in the African savannah. When your life depends upon being focused and aware of danger, you tend to remember scary stuff. You store it so that if anything comes up that feels threatening, you can immediately access that big group of neurons and get yourself ready to …

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Creating our world, moment by moment

By , November 5th, 2013 | creativity, Nurturing Relationships, Wholistic Mindcare | 0 Comments

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 7.49.34 AM

I’ll never forget the day I really got, at a visceral level, that there was no possible way I could ever truly see the world through someone else’s eyes.

It wasn’t about our level of vision. It wasn’t about needing different glasses. It was because we each create our own reality, and there was no way I could truly and deeply and completely comprehend the world my partner Greg creates. Nor could he comprehend mine.

Then a few days ago I saw some pictures showing us what cats see. Go take a look and come back here after you’ve browsed the pictures.

This is …

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Learning from giraffes

By , October 31st, 2013 | Common Humanity, Nurturing Relationships, Self-Compassion | 0 Comments

giraffes drinking

A giraffe riddle meme on Facebook captured the attention of the news – USA Today, CNN, Huff Post, Chicago Tribune, TIME, TODAY, ABC, among other, and became an interesting phenomenon.

Those of us who got the riddle wrong and put a picture of a giraffe in our profile had fun hanging out, laughing about how good it felt to be part of this odd club. Some of those who got the riddle right were even saying they wished they had gotten it wrong so they could be part of the group.

So what gives? My theory is that in these times of so much bad news, being part of something fun felt really good. It was …

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Turkey rolls, mockingbirds, and Mombasa

By , July 23rd, 2013 | creativity, Healthful Nutrition, Nurturing Relationships | 0 Comments

turkey wraps

I decided to make turkey rolls for lunch, so I went out to the garden to pick a big chard leaf and a few pieces of mustard greens. Greg was sitting on the deck, and I mentioned to him that the mockingbirds were hanging out in the garden again this morning, but they still were not singing. We remarked about how unusual it was for mockingbirds to be so quiet.

I brought my greens inside and laid out the first turkey roll — big leaf of chard, thin slices of turkey, a few pieces of mustard greens, and a little Grey poupon mustard. It was a beautiful …

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Dealing with setbacks, in fitness and in life

By , May 11th, 2013 | creativity, Energizing Movement, Nurturing Relationships, Wholistic Mindcare | 0 Comments


I had an injury a few weeks ago that has prevented me from walking for any decent distances. I’m finally getting better and have begun working my way back into my routine, but I feel skittish about it — I have the feeling that I must be careful or I will be back where I started.

So I was looking forward to receiving the Fitbit Flex bracelet I ordered several months ago, thinking it would be both a motivator and a way to track small increases in how many steps I take each day. I got the notice this week that Fitbit was finally shipping the Flex, and in my excitement, I …

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Treat yourself to some self compassion . . .

By , March 26th, 2013 | creativity, Nurturing Relationships, Wholistic Mindcare | 0 Comments

Kats Scarf 6.10.12 with caption

Last year my best buddy and I read Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection and decided to work our way through her Ten Guideposts to Wholehearted Living. The second one, Self Compassion, proved quite difficult. It was kind of funny in a way — we were beating ourselves up for not being able to be compassionate with ourselves. How sad was that?

As I was getting ready for bed that night, I laughed at myself in the mirror when I thought about how hilarious it was to actually be beating myself up because I didn’t have enough self compassion. And then it occurred to me that this might be …

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The gift of fresh vegetables and exercise

By , January 5th, 2013 | creativity, Energizing Movement, Healthful Nutrition, Nurturing Relationships, Supportive Environment | 0 Comments

CTBF vegetable garden 12.25.12

This year Greg and I thought about what we wanted for Christmas and decided that our gifts should have something to do with fitness. One day I was driving past the Ojai Lumber Yard and saw a sign for pre-made, gopher-proof planter boxes. Since the extraordinary number of gophers in the back yard of our new home is the reason we have thought twice about starting a vegetable garden, I decided to stop and see what the lumber yard had come up with.

Beautiful planter boxes lined on the bottom with chicken wire were stacked outside the office. The owner told me they had made …

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