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I’ll never forget the day I really got, at a visceral level, that there was no possible way I could ever truly see the world through someone else’s eyes.

It wasn’t about our level of vision. It wasn’t about needing different glasses. It was because we each create our own reality, and there was no way I could truly and deeply and completely comprehend the world my partner Greg creates. Nor could he comprehend mine.

Then a few days ago I saw some pictures showing us what cats see. Go take a look and come back here after you’ve browsed the pictures.

This is How Cats See the World

It’s  important not to get hung up on how these people know for sure that this is what cats see. What is important is to get at a visceral level that cats see the world very differently from the way we see it.

Just the way every other person on the planet sees the world very differently from the way we see the world.

Try this . . .

Here is a little exercise I often do to remind me that I create my own world on an ongoing basis. What I look for and focus on becomes my reality.

Take a walk around your neighborhood. At the beginning of your walk, pick a color. During the walk, scan everything, looking for that color. Notice what you see that you may have never noticed before.

On another day, do the walk again,this time picking a different color. Again, notice what you see that you have not seen before. Also be aware that you are skimming past the your former choice of color without really seeing it.

This is what we do every moment of every day. What we believe, what we value, what we think about, what we look for, what we focus on — this is the world we create for ourselves.

What will you create today?

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