Dealing with setbacks, in fitness and in life

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I had an injury a few weeks ago that has prevented me from walking for any decent distances. I’m finally getting better and have begun working my way back into my routine, but I feel skittish about it — I have the feeling that I must be careful or I will be back where I started.

So I was looking forward to receiving the Fitbit Flex bracelet I ordered several months ago, thinking it would be both a motivator and a way to track small increases in how many steps I take each day. I got the notice this week that Fitbit was finally shipping the Flex, and in my excitement, I decided to share the news about this product with you. I’ve even set up a Private Group on Fitbit for Choosing To Be friends to share our data, our progress, and our stories.

Many of you responded and clicked on the link to learn more about Fitbit and the Flex — I was thrilled because I’d been thinking for a long time about how great it will be to have actual data, to share and inspire each other as we get fit. Then a friend told me she went to order her Flex and it turned out they are backordered for 6-8 weeks. Seems they are only shipping pre-orders now.

I was crushed. I felt humiliated. I had told everybody about this great device, this great plan, people had responded, and then they were told there is no product for 6-8 weeks.

Setbacks — part of life, right? Certainly part of Choosing To Be Fit — it is just part of the game. So I am dusting myself off, concentrating on good stuff today, acknowledging the embarrassment I feel about this turn of events — and going out to do my walking without my Flex  — which is supposed to arrive any day now.

After all, thinking about how great Choosing To Be Fit is doesn’t change anything — nothing changes until we move our feet . . .

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