How to find courage by sitting on your butt

By , August 1st, 2014 | Mindfulness, Self-Compassion | 2 Comments

mombassa meditating

I’ve started a formal meditation practice again after a long absence, and it is both humbling and illuminating at the same time. I’m starting small — just 20 minutes. It seems like an eternity.

How did I let my practice get away from me? And why have I waited so long to begin again?

Ah, begin again, there’s the rub. After all, I am a long-time meditator. I even wrote a book about it. Why am I here sitting with my legs hurting, starting over?

It’s a long story, not one for the telling right now. The point is, I am back on my cushion and today I watched my mind frantically grasp one thought after another for 20 excruciatingly long minutes. This made me smile, and then it made me laugh out loud.

All these years I have encouraged, begged, pleaded with people — telling them to do this?

Good grief, why would anyone want to do this?

I’ll tell you why . . .

Because during those twenty minutes I became my own best friend.

I watched my mind with compassion, and, as Pema Chodron says in her new book on How to Meditate,  I began again the practice of open awareness. As she describes it: “Feeling the tightness, the urgency, and letting it go — again, and again, and again.”

This, my friends, is courage. And I don’t know about you, but I am sorely in need of courage these days.

So here I am again, encouraging you to begin a meditation practice.

I mean, why should I be the only one who knows how to find courage simply by sitting on my butt?


Choosing To Be: Lessons in Living from a Feline Zen Master, by Kat Tansey

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  • brandy Says: January 14, 2015 at 3:40 pm

    This post made me smile…. I am motivated to begin again 🙂

    • Kat Says: January 19, 2015 at 1:21 pm

      Good for you, Brandy — why should I be the only one having all this fun?


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