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The Finding Magic in Midlife Radio Show was produced and archived by Exceptional Wisdom Radio from August 2008 through June 1013, when EWR went off the air. I’m moving the show archives to Choosing To Be Fit because much of the wisdom I’ve gained about creating a body- mind-spirit fitness lifestyle came from reading books by and talking with these exceptional midlife women. The interviews are timeless. I hope you will get to know some of these brilliant, talented, and inspirational women and learn from them as I did.

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Jennifer McLean was interviewed on the Finding Magic in Midlife Show in May of 2010.

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Jennifer McLean is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur whose career has spanned two unique disciplines, marketing and healing. As a healer, Jennifer has been working in private session with clients from all over the world in person and by phone for more than 17 years offering unique solutions for living a pain-free life.

Jennifer’s unique body dialoging healing method was covered in Joe Vitale’s best-selling book, The Key, with over 500,000 copies sold. This book included her techniques for clearing old, unwanted beliefs, and thoughts that get stuck in the body as emotional blockages limiting expression and human potential.

She also contributed a chapter in the new book by Keith Leon, Who Do You Think You Are along with Jack Canfield, Bob Procter and John Gray, and is also included in John Assaraf’s, The Vision Board Book.

Jennifer’s bilateral career as a marketing professional and as a healer have afforded her unique insights into the multiple models people use to manage their worlds. During her career as a marketer, Jennifer authored the book The Credibility Factor, which focuses on how to influence the influencers for immediate credibility as well as an almost instant increase in the speed of sales.

Her latest book, The BIG Book of YOU, explores her inner spiritual world and how it works with her outer world. Throughout her life, it has become clearer to her, that seeming opposites are all contained within the One. The book was born out of that perception and through word and image it juxtaposes all of life.

Jennifer is also the facilitator of the teleseminar series that started them all… Healing with the Masters. This amazing series runs in the Spring and Fall of each year and hosts the likes of Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Gay Hendricks, Marci Shimoff, Gregg Braden, Dr. Eric Pearl, and Guy Finley… just to name a few. Every season is attended by over 25,000 people who tune in to listen and participate.

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