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The Finding Magic in Midlife Radio Show was produced and archived by Exceptional Wisdom Radio from August 2008 through June 1013, when EWR went off the air. I’m moving the show archives to Choosing To Be Fit because much of the wisdom I’ve gained about creating a body- mind-spirit fitness lifestyle came from reading books by and talking with these exceptional midlife women. The interviews are timeless. I hope you will get to know some of these brilliant, talented, and inspirational women and learn from them as I did.

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Rita Ross was interviewed on the Finding Magic in Midlife Show in September of 2008.

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Rita Ross and PocketPeople

Rita Ross is the Creator/Founder of The PocketPeople, tiny handmade people of extraordinary beauty and simplicity that evoke smiles in people fortunate enough to be in their company.

Rita began making PocketPeople in 2007 after a beautiful experience with a very kind elder in the Ozarks of Arkansas. She saw the woman making a small primitive doll and asked her if she could watch and learn how to make them. The woman said ‘Sure, I will teach you, but you will not make the dolls I make. You will make the dolls YOU make. I can only show you how I make my dolls. In time and after lots of practice, you will create your own kind of dolls.”

And so Rita did. After hundreds of hours of experimenting, sewing and practice, The PocketPeople™ were born.

A small PocketPeople following began forming. Rita had the privilege of meeting lots of different celebrities and giving/selling them PocketPeople. Soon she was filling Christmas orders from people all over the world. PocketPeople now live everywhere from North Carolina to Spain, Germany, Hawaii, Canada and even Israel.

Rita went out more and more, sitting and sewing at the big Starbucks in Santa Monica, California, or in the local park. Everyone would stop and look and just want to hold ThePocketPeople. It felt so good that she wanted to do something more.

Sewing in the local Santa Monica coffee shops for days on end, as she created dozens of PocketPeople™ to donate to the local Mattel Children’s Hospital, her following for PocketPeople™ continued to develop.

Presently, Rita is working to mindfully create and launch an entire PocketPeople™ revolution.  She truly believes in the power and wisdom of these little tribes of people. Every time she sees a person smile when they hold a PocketPerson, she knows she is doing what she is meant to do.  There is a World of Pockebilities to discover, create and share and she can’t wait to see where PocketPeople™ take her next.


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