Nothing really changes until we move our feet

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The reason Choosing To Be Fit resonates with so many people is that it is a great slogan. Great slogans are important, because when we think about them, new neural pathways begin to form in our brains.

However, this new pathway won’t become a superhighway just by thinking it. To make this happen 0ur body has to get involved.

As Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.”

We can think positive thoughts . . .

We can visualize . . .

The problem is that when we are still, our body is in a state of inertia.

The definition of inertia is “resistance or disinclination to motion, action, or change.”

Until we actually move our feet, we cannot overcome that resistance or disinclination.

This is why the tagline for Choosing To Be Fit is . . .

The Art of Taking Small Steps to Transform Your Life


And this is why the woman on the cover of CTBF is lacing up her running shoes. When we move, change happens.

To paraphrase Einstein . . .

Nothing really changes until we move our feet.


To encourage you to move your feet more every day, I’m using a device called the Fitbit Flex, a wrist bracelet that will count your steps,  your level of activity, and even track your sleep. You can wear this bracelet all the time and periodically transmit the data to your computer.

I was using the Fitbit website to enter the food I eat, the amount of water I drink, and the exercise I do each day. I’ve learned so much from this activity about what I am putting in my body and doing with my body and the impact this has on my health. I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Flex bracelet so I can get a more accurate account of my movement and sleep.

Now I have all the tools I need to track four essential elements for my health and fitness — water, nutrition, movement, and sleep. Hooray!

Let’s get fit together!

Click here to see how small steps can make a big impact with Fitbit

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