Realizing fitness in midlife

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How we define fitness for ourselves in midlife creates our reality, much the way what we focus on in this Escher map determines the reality we perceive there.

Here at Choosing To Be Fit we are examining the vast and often confusing terrain of midlife fitness. We’ve decided to create our own map, rather than allowing the media or big pharma or “experts” to define our world for us.

I hope you will join us as I share the story of my own journey back to fitness. You can determine for yourself how you might adapt my explorations and tools to create your kit for your own fitness journey.

Explore our website to learn more about us and read the chapters of my story as they are released. Visit our archetypal Laboratory and download your copy of the Fitness Qualities Self Assessment tool.

After you complete your assessment, we would appreciate it if you would share your scores by taking the Group Fitness Survey that is also located in the Lab. The more we share what we learn about the terrain of midlife fitness, the better equipped we will all be to recoup and maintain fitness of body, mind and spirit in midlife and beyond.

After you complete your Assessment and the Survey, use our Contact Form to introduce yourself and let us know your thoughts about what we are up to. Also, drop by our Facebook Page when you get a chance. I am posting some great breakfasts from Chef Gregory over there!

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