Turkey rolls, mockingbirds, and Mombasa

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turkey wraps

I decided to make turkey rolls for lunch, so I went out to the garden to pick a big chard leaf and a few pieces of mustard greens. Greg was sitting on the deck, and I mentioned to him that the mockingbirds were hanging out in the garden again this morning, but they still were not singing. We remarked about how unusual it was for mockingbirds to be so quiet.

I brought my greens inside and laid out the first turkey roll — big leaf of chard, thin slices of turkey, a few pieces of mustard greens, and a little Grey poupon mustard. It was a beautiful roll, but it didn’t seem big enough for my hunger, so I laid out the greens and the turkey breast for another one. I was just getting ready to put the mustard on it, when Greg poked his head in and said he knew why the mockingbirds were hanging out in our garden. They had built a nest in our cedar tree, and he heard the newly hatched babies cheeping.

I ran outside with my camera to see if I could get a picture of the nest. We were so excited about this new development. I kept walking around the tree, trying to get a better view of the nest, thinking to myself that life just doesn’t get any better than this — our garden is producing such wonderful food for us, and now we are blessed with a mockingbird family.

mockingbird nest

Finally I came back inside, just as Mombasa was jumping from the kitchen passthrough to the living room, landing on the piano keyboard as she tried to hurry more than usual. Then she jumped up on her window perch and started grooming herself.

I looked through the passthrough and saw only my one turkey roll — the laid out greens and turkey had disappeared. I found the greens on the dining room rug, but the turkey was nowhere to be seen.

mombasa turkey

Mombasa sat innocently on her perch as I went back out to the garden for some fresh greens. I remembered the book I was reading this morning about how interconnected we all are. That thought made me happy at the time. But now I’m wondering if the mockingbird and Mombasa are in cohoots. Next time I’m fixing something to eat and Greg yells that the mockingbird babies are cheeping, I think I’ll take a moment to put a heavy bowl over my food . . .


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