We make ourselves small

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We make ourselves small
when we think it is only about losing weight.

When we focus on this one thing as though it is the answer.
Trying one program after another.
Another guru,
another strange and limited idea.

We fail to see that we don’t understand
how our wondrous bodies function.

It’s not our fault.

So many experts.
So many truths now overturned.
Too much money at stake.
Too many reasons to hide truth.

We can’t change all this.
But we can change ourselves.

We can open our minds and grasp
that this is about more than
a jelly donut
or a piece of cake
or a 1600 calorie Smoothie at Starbucks
or a 2900 calorie meal at the Olive Garden.

We can learn about stuff like . . .
The importance of good fat in our diet.
The poison that is aspartame.
The wheat that is making us gain and hold weight.
The crap we consume every day that is
making big companies rich
while it is slowly killing us.

And we can learn the beauty of the vegetables.
Learn their names, how they grow, love their colors.
Love their goodness before they are microwaved or
tossed in small quantities into packaged poison
to make us believe we are eating healthy.

We can learn.

We can head toward what will heal us.
We can return to what is natural
before mankind distorted and destroyed it.

We are beings of light.
And the light is still here.

It is in pure food that has not been processed,
that is not filled with poisons
used to eliminate other beings
who are as natural as we are.

Once upon a time we knew what was good for us.

Now us must find our way back
and share our understanding
to heal the world.


About the art piece I used for the picture: This is the brilliant work of Slinkachu. See more at http://slinkachu.com. 

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